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At SF Medical Supplies we offer some services to complement our sale team responsible for supplying medical equipment and various items that are used to prevent infection.  Our specialized team offers three basic services that we will detail below to complement our products.

People Matter

People Matter

The coronavirus pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on world leaders to seek quick and effective solutions to the crisis. The humanitarian cost of COVID-19 creates fear among citizens and its sheer unpredictability makes it difficult to achieve the goals.

In fact, the outbreak bears the hallmark of a “landscape scale” crisis: an unexpected event or sequence of events of enormous scale and overwhelming speed, resulting in a high degree of uncertainty leading to disorientation, a feeling of loss of control and strong emotional disorder.

That is why at SF medical Supplies we propose to offer some services that help interested organizations and institutions to alleviate this crisis.

Our Core Services

The different services we offer constitute the backbone on which SF Medical Supplies’ healthcare activity is organized.  We offer a consulting service as facilitators in the process of purchasing our products. We have developed a direct care service for patients in affected homes and, last but not least, we advise you on importing your purchase and acquiring certificates that give credibility to the supplies.

Rapid Testing

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Testing | SF Medical Supplies is now offering FDA Authorized COVID-19 antibody testing, conducted by a medical professional, in the comfort of your home.

Appointment team reaches out within 24 hours to schedule your test with a trained medical professional. Test is conducted in single use PPE, and can be done inside, or weather permitting, on a patio, terrace, or in a garage


Our Staff members are ready to advise you with the necessary list of supplies depending on the requirements of your organization, from hospitals to ministries of health.

Our staff is prepared to offer you multiple options according to your needs. Please contact us to help you.


Beyond advising you on the purchase of the necessary supplies for your organization, SF Medical Supplies helps you to process your product optimization certificates.

The use of the standards will enable companies that use them to access the market for such fundamental medical and protection equipment quicker and to provide those in need with such medical equipment.

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Testing

Sf Medical Supplies is now offering FDA Authorized COVID-19 antibody testing, conducted by a medical professional, in the comfort and safety of your home.  A service for any group such as banks, institutions, restaurants, franchises among many others. The COVID-19 IgM/IgG rapid antibody test is designed to detect antibodies that form in response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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Our Core Values

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Mahatma Gandhi

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