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Luis Sáez
Luis SáezCEO & Founder
Luis Sáez is an entrepreneur and public relations specialist. He has demonstrated skills in recruiting and managing diverse full-time personnel as well as service providers located locally and in different states/countries.

He has also proven record of managing multiple projects simultaneously, often with tight deadlines and unique requirements.

Since February 2020, founder in USA “Sin Fronteras Medical Supplies” with FDA import license as first respond PPE distribution company for Covid19.

Alejandra Rodríguez
Alejandra RodríguezCTO & Partner
CTO & Partner | Consumer expectations, competition, trade landscapes and society are all evolving at an unprecedented pace. Our company must respond to deliver good health equipment in ever more relevant, accessible and sustainable ways.
Lermy Vásquez
Lermy VásquezPublic Relations
Mrs. Vásquez has worked closely with heads of state and various representatives in Latin America, developing an outstanding career as a specialist in the area of PR.

We are pleased to report that Ms. Vasquez will join the SF Medical Supplies group as Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mrs. Vasquez is an extraordinary woman whose vitality and passion are a great encouragement to the local community in Miami.

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