Facial Mask 3M

Facial Mask 3M

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3M 1860 N95 Mask

Material: electrostatic filter cotton.

Application: For dust and particulate matter protection, it can prevent PM2.5 from being used in sandstorms, smog weather, prevention of respiratory infections, and also protect certain pathogenic microbial particles. It can also be used as a medical surgical mask.

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Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19

By the Heath World Organization.

This document provides advice on the use of masks in communities, during home care, and in health care settings in areas that have reported cases of COVID-19. It is intended for individuals in the community, public health and infection prevention and control (IPC) professionals, health care managers, health care workers (HCWs), and community health workers. This updated version includes a section on Advice to decision makers on the use of masks for healthy people in community settings.

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Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19


How to wear a fabric mask safely

A fabric mask can act as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus. However, it must be used correctly and always combined with other measures to protect yourself and everyone else. Here is how to wear a fabric mask safely.

For more information – Visit: www.who.int





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3M 1860 Mask
3M 1860 Mask
3M 1860 Mask

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