Truck Sanitizer

Truck Sanitizer

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Open spaces air sanitizer blower machine. Multiple user kill bacteria, virus, insects.


Technical Specifications Turbine


Turbine Dimensions
Length 1.6 M x Width 1.20 M x Height 1.50 M
Range: 60/70 meters in absence of wind.
Maximum Rotation 350° ‚ with selector wrench of 3 positions default to choice.
Adjustable tilt up to 45° with manual actuation.
Optional motorization maximum coverage: 11,000 m2.
Water consumption with standard equipment 56 to 128 L/Min (15 to 34 gl/Min) to 8 Bar of pressure.
Water inlet connection by coupling to 2″ levers.

Multiple center holder with 28 peaks. Consumption:56
L/min Peaks with extra-lasting ceramic tip
Minimum standard flow rate: 36 L/Min (9.5gl/Min) at 8 bar pressure.
Intel filter with stainless steel fabric cartridge Mesh 12 to protect pump.
Line filter with stainless steel fabric cartridge.
Mesh 50 to protect the picos, both filters with exppurgue valve.

Outdoors & Indoors

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces. By killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection. This is why the turbine can be used independently of the truck proposal for cleaning and disinfecting outdoor areas such as internal areas.

In these cases we offer the turbine, tank and the generator that can give you some versatility for cleaning and disinfecting multiple spaces, from gardens and parks of residences or institutions to concert halls, stadiums, restaurants, clubs and any space that involves the presence of the general public.

It is important to review your disinfection plan which is why we offer you the perfect solution. Routine disinfection of frequently touched surfaces is recommended at least daily. The turbine can be used with an excellent disinfectant cleaner that we also put at your disposal. This is a detergent with nanoparticles of copper. Please review this product in the following link: Decutec Sanitary

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Truck Sanitizer


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Truck Sanitizer
Truck Sanitizer
Truck Sanitizer

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