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The AccuReader A100


The AccuReader A100

The AccuReader A100
Automated Fecal Immunological Testing

AccuReader A100 System is comprised of:
      AccuReader A100 Bench Top Analyzer
      AccuReader FIT testing cassettes (iFOB, TF, H.Pylori)
      Hemosure Home Sampling Kit
      Sample Collection Device
      Sample Collection Paper

          Fecal immunochemical tests (FITs) for hemoglobin represent a major advance over guaiac-based fecal occult blood tests (GFOBTs) for colorectal cancer screening.

           FITs increase the detection rates of cancer and advanced adenoma compared with early-generation GFOBTs, and do so without the unacceptably high number of colonoscopies that high-sensitivity GFOBTs generate.

          FITs are simpler to use than GFOBTs, they improve rates of patient participation, and their
cut-off points for positive versus negative tests can be modified.

           The AccuReader A100 utilizes Immunochromatography through the combination of a
controlled, highly sensitive Colloidal Gold Immunological assays and high resolution imaging to determine Qualitative, Quantitative, and Semi-quantitative results from fecal samples.

The Accu-Reader A100 Advantage
      High Throughput Automation – 100 Tests/Hours
      Quantitative & Semi-Quantitative Results
      Simple to Operate and Maintain
      (No pumps or liquids)
      Completely Sealed Sample and Testing Device
      Long-life Reagents
      (3 Years Room Temperature)
      Multiple Fecal Tests on Single Platform
      8 Day Sample Viability
      24 Month Reagent Viability (Room Temp)
      FAD Certification

Comparative evaluation of 377 patient samples the overall percent agreement (OPA) was 98.67% (CI95: 96.93%-99.43%), with a Clinical Sensitivity (PPA) of 98.63% (CI95: 93.51%-99.97%), and a Clinical Specificity (NPA) of 98.71% (CI95: 96.87%-99.76%).

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